It was not into my ear you whispered,
But into my heart.

It was not my lips you kissed,
But my soul.

*.*.*.*..:**:..`)(`. .:**:.*.*.*.*

Emotions buried deep in the soul
Hidden like the wrath of the sea
White caps covering the depths
Like the smile covering the fears

Ferries crossing pathways
Blending and mixing together
The waters of the ocean
Like emotions scattered but joined

Sparkles hiding the wrath
Bubble their way to the surface
Breaking through like tears
Oh sweet relief

Deep dark thoughts like the ocean
Beautiful on the surface
Mysterious underneath
Churning emotions so similar to the sea

Changes never seen by the eye
Blur the light and bright spots
So like the good time in life
Blurred by emotions unspoken

A glistening white ship slips past
Leaving nothing but turmoil in its wake
Stirring up the souls need for love
As the waves leave marks on the bottom
Never seen, but imbedded deep

Life feelings, so mysterious
Emotions race through our minds
Like the murky depth of the ocean
Always hidden by smiles shining bright
Forever there...waiting for the light

written by Tag471

*.*.*.*..:**:..`)(`. .:**:.*.*.*.*


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