One day a year
Is mine to cheer
This years cheer
Soon turned to tears
You love someone
With all you have
And then one day
When all you want
Is time to play
It is gone....
I can't move on....
Not again
A year ago it was sweet
Sweeter yet when we began again
The knife cut deep,
The scars I keep
Now I don't know what to think
My puzzlement is deep ...and here I am
Another step closer to the end
Being told to lose my friend
And yet I bend and sway
Because of one who always goes away
Yet never leaves my soul
I am weak
I should not speak
And yet have I not the right
To ask why, why..oh why
The tears run from eyes
I cannot speak
on my birthday, I was cut deep
and yet still I beg for more love
more understanding
more..I just need....more love
my hurt is deep...I shall not weap
this is my secret pain
to live and love and lose again
my special day is gone
65 moves on


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